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    Application of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Aquaculture

    Author:Aomron   Time:2017-03-06   Hits:784

           China is a big country in aquaculture in the world and has very rich aquatic resources. Fisheries are an important part of China's modern agriculture sector, in which aquatic products are the main source of high quality protein. Under large-scale and intensified feeding conditions, prevention and control of aquaculture diseases should be reflected in prevention. In order to ensure the steady improvement of the quality of aquatic products for aquaculture, the probiotics industry for aquaculture has emerged over the past decade. Micro-ecological agents for aquaculture use to adjust the micro-ecological balance of aquaculture water, adjust the aquaculture biological environment, purify water quality, achieve the purpose of improving the health level of cultured species and improving the culture environment.

           Lactic acid bacteria are widely used in aquaculture. They are the normal flora in the intestine of fish. They can colonize the intestines of fish and they can synthesize various vitamins after colonization. They can reduce the pH in animals and prevent the invasion and colonization of pathogenic bacteria. , Maintaining the ecological balance in the intestine; Degradation of ammonia, skatole and other harmful substances in animals; Active substances in living bacteria and metabolites can enhance the immune regulatory activity of the body's intestinal mucosa, enhance humoral and cellular immunity, and enhance the body's regulatory activity To promote growth.

        If lactic acid bacteria are used directly as internal medicine, they do not form spores during the growth process and have poor stress resistance and are easily deactivated and difficult to preserve. If lactic acid bacteria are fermented after aquafeeds are fed, the effects of attracting food and increasing food intake will be better, and the survival rate will also be significantly improved. Lactic acid bacteria preparation is a natural active micro-ecological preparation. It has good colonization capacity and no obvious host specificity in the intestinal tract of fish. It can regulate the stability of the animal's intestinal environment through various ways and improve the intestinal microecological balance. Enhance the barrier layer of intestinal epithelial cells and improve the immune function of fish.

        Lactic acid bacteria has attracted more and more attention because it can produce various health effects on aquaculture organisms. It not only solves the problems of prevention and control of diseases in the breeding process, but also solves the negative effects caused by the extensive use of fish medicines in the past. Mixed use of lactic acid bacteria and Bacillus and other beneficial bacteria can also be used as a water quality control agent for aquaculture water, which can effectively decompose organic matter such as residual baits and feces in aquaculture water, reduce the content of harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and hydrogen sulfide, and improve The ecological environment in the water purifies water quality and promotes the healthy growth of fish and shrimp. It also promotes the growth and growth of phytoplankton, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in water, regulates the balance between algae and bacteria, and increases dissolved oxygen in water.